Thursday, January 8, 2015

How do you people feel about Richard Dolan | The Paracast Community Forums

How do you people feel about Richard Dolan | The Paracast Community Forums

"So, after reading National Security State vol1&2 a few years back i was very optimistic about RD being the new knight in shining armour of ufology but the last couple of years it seems to me that he has been dragged down the quagmire of ufo personality , the ufo "scene" and the killer :" anonymous sources" ( yuck! ).

I dont know... it seems like it is impossible to combine the ufologist with the book seller without selling out. And i sort of get it. I assume that going to diverse conferences of dubious nature is a must to promote books etc but after a while it seems that some ufologists get caught up in the relative fame that come with speaking at such events. Even if the "fame&glory" only exists inside this miniverse it is real nontheless and it seems that most of them get infected with new age drivel in the process. Case in point , James Fox and George Knapp. Only ufologist i know who dont wright books and they just happen to be the ones who , in my opinion , do the most down to earth research of UFOs, even if they might be wrong in their opinions."


"Seriously, I once had great respect for him, but his recent affiliation with KGRA (which is a UFO internet radio network that promotes just about any wackjob that will host a show for free) and his tired focus on Disclosure and the new conspiracy "Break Away Civilization" Schtick (very popular with the Exopolitics crowd) have made him just another UFO celebrity. (to me) 

He admitted in a recent interview that he makes his entire living off of his celebrity status in ufology. He has to keep cranking out new books and new conspiracies to keep food on the table. That bothers me since it removes his ability to be objective."

"Dolan has lost a lot of credibility with me. When your buddies are Bassett and Moulton-Howe, that speaks volumes. He went from being a researcher to a carnival barker these past few years.

I haven't heard a peep about volume 3 of 'The National Security State', have you? It's always ' I'm working on it.' He's been busy attending every ufo conference he can. No time for finishing up that project. It's kind of sad because he was a shining light there for awhile. Now he wants to be part of the Ancient Aliens crowd."
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