Thursday, January 1, 2015

To Richard Dolan about UFO Oldies.

Dear Richard, I was thinking that these repetitions of old videos again and the end show that there is nothing new to say...that so called UFO phenomenon is finished. An old friend of mine said: when I say always the same thing , this shows that Have nothing to say.

Yes, I know, I know Richard, it's not easy to make a living with the UFO conspiracy thing...same old, same old...I remember the sixties and 70'st ...those were years, UFOs sold...!. But now...NOTHING HAPPENS. How many times we can write the same book, with a couple of new fantasies and sell? No, it doesn't work. And let me tell you something that is obvious, of course. When you find the same word or image again and again, you don't see it anymore. UFO, little grey men, abductions, ...nothing new. 

No, Richard, do NOT tell me that there is always new people becoming interested in UFO subculture, the urban The thing looks old, so out of fashion, Young, intelligent men and women, look at the whole thing as something that was OK in the sixties, even the seventies, but not anymore.
Sorry, Richard but we must face TRUTH, sooner or latter, and  sooner is better. 

Of course we all know that there will be no disclosure because there is nothing to disclose, and your invention of the breakaway civilization doesn't sound credible for the fans. Same happens with your A.D. After Disclosure. The idea that Disclosure will happen soon is preposterous, so fans do not care about a post-disclosure world in which they do NOT believe . 

Happy new year..!
James Black
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