Monday, January 5, 2015

About the UFO Industry and it’s profiteers.

Exchange on Richard Dolan of facebook.
I think this short exchange can bring some light to the UFO Industry and it’s profiteers.

Just fiction
Richard Dolan "sold his soul" to the UFO Industry. He is or tries to be a UFO-ET professional which means to sell the same stories again and again, and create new accessory myths. Dolan invented the separate secret civilization and the predictions "post disclosure". What else there is? The so called Ufology is a  show, pathetic sometimes, based in selling fiction as fact.  There is nothing else. Just people trying to make a living with nonsense. UFO mythology is dead meat. 96 % of all sightings are natural phenomena or man made artifacts. The other 4 % is not enough for the market.

A friend of facebooks suggested that Richard was a dis-information agents so my answer follows.

and games...
No, he is not a disinformation shill. Richard Dolan saw the UFO Industry as a possible profit, and narcissism did the rest.However, as always happens to the new "ufologists" he found that the same script was written again and again. So, he produced what I call the accessory memes or myths: the breakaway civilization and his fantasy book about the post-disclosure world. However, those who are old enough, know that the disclosure is a total fantasy. SELF-PROMOTION of course and as usual giving fictions as facts. Next step for Richard is to get out of the so called UFO subculture or go into complete nonsense. There is no alternative.

For some time, the new memes can keep the UFO thematics open, but in the end what I call the NHS, the Nothing Happens Syndrome, creates the inevitable dead end.

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