Friday, January 9, 2015

Professor Richard Dolan loosing "credibility" in the UFO Industry?

Loosing credibility in Ufology is a paradox. The wannabe professional expert in UFOs, must understand that his first steps in the UFO "science" makes him loose credibility because UFO are incredible from the beginning. If we recognize that at least 95 % of all UFO sightings are perfectly natural phenomena or man made artifacts, the "credibility" will never be saved by the dubious 5 % of cases that are by the way, NOT a mystery but simply sightings not researched enough. Do from the beginning, the professional ufologist must invent a "massive" phenomenon with nothing  unusual and remain dishonestly silent about the 95 % statistics. From the beginning the self proclaimed expert must lie when he or she writes that "millions of people see mysterious objects in the sky."
The UFO industry is a lie from the beginning, so we loose credibility just when we sell the first book or give the same lecture. 
People find that Richard Dolan is loosing credibility because he frequents recognized charlatans and professional mythologists.
My question is this one: with whom will Professor Richard Dolan make friends?  Who is reliable in Ufology?
No, truth is that Richard Dolan 's options are just two. Either he gets out from the toxic environment of the UFO show business, or he remains there, without taking care about credibility. 
Of course most things I write here apply not only for Richard Dolan but for any one that wants "credibility" in the UFO-Conspiracy Theory circus.
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