Thursday, January 22, 2015

International UFO Congress: now $239.00

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Not much, 239$ for hearing the same things again and again. The UFO industry has nothing new to say. Go back 60 years and you will find the same situation. NOTHING. 
Before wasting your money, remember this: 95 % of all UFO sightings are natural phenomena and/or man made artifacts. 
Let me tell you what you will NOT find for that money: Evidences. 
However, if you are looking for words there will be plenty.  
The real problem of the professional ufologists is just to keep the dying UFO meme alive. 
Of course, plenty of nonsense. Breakaway civilizations, Nazi secret weapons, abductions ...but please do NOT ASK for evidences. There are none. You only need faith and 239$.
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