Sunday, January 4, 2015

Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan and "our Dreamland science reporter"

Someone once summed up Howe very well with two words: ' Media entrepreneur '. While having been a major player in the cattle mutilation mystery, Howe's credibility has gone way down hill as she sensationalizes everything from mundane animal deaths to promoting Brazilian UFO fraud Urandir Oliveira and the Aztec UFO Crash Hoax while selling alien books, videos and lectures. Howe dabbles in all things strange including bigfoot, crop circles, alien abductions, and UFOs. Howe also sits on the board of advisors to the Roswell UFO Museum along with the likes of Don Schmitt. See Howe's site, which she actually charges a subscription for in order to access some stories. Also see Howe turning an explained animal death into an encounter with bigfoot. A leap not even bigfoot itself could make. Also see Aliens Abducted My Common Sense, and a report lifting the mythos behind Howe's much touted and promoted Roswell UFO debris.

"The most hilarious web posting we have read in a very long time comes from Whitley Strieber's "Unknown Country", dated 9/30/05. Linda Moulton Howe is described as "our Dreamland science reporter". We ask - what, if any, are the scientific qualifications of this pleasant but extremely gullible lady?? Inquiring minds would like to know!"

Linda Moulton Howe
Linda Moulton Howe (born 1942) is a ufologist and "investigative journalist". Among other things, she claims that in 1983 she was shown a secret presidential briefing paper that revealed how "extraterrestrials created Jesus" and placed him on earth "to teach mankind about love and non-violence.
Initially focusing on an environmentalist message, she quickly turned to UFOs and associated phenomena, leading to what is probably her best known work, the 1980 documentary A Strange Harvest, about cattle mutilations that she concludes are unusual animal deaths caused by "non-human intelligence and technology".
She runs her own website called "" where, for a measly $45 a year, you can access her body of work. Linda will follow pretty much any lead or phone call if it involves UFOs, ancient alienscrop circles and environmentalist conspiracies (eg. colony collapse disorder and Monsanto). 

Oh dear you wrote the same book? Take a look...Yes, I know that since UFOlogy is a dying meme, everybody just copy&paste. I did the same thing in the seventies..!By the way, some individuals are talking about your breakaway should copyright your creation, Richard. My advice about this: write again to the White House demanding a complete disclosure, but INCLUDE the breakaway civilization. 
On the contrary, do not write a single word more about the post-disclosure world. Some fans will learn that you believe the UFO phenomenon is INFINITELY more complex that we can imagine, but If this is so, how could you understand the world after something that is infinitely complex? Can your mind understand what is infinitely complex?

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