Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Richard Dolan wants DISCLOSURE of what he defines as the INFINITELY COMPLEX UFO phenomenon..!

The Ufologist Richard Dolan said recently that the UFO phenomenon is perhaps infinitely complex. Also, this researcher, Professor of History and public TV personality, denounces the official cover-up that denies to the people the right to know what's going on concerning UFO- ETs- Breakaway Secret
Civilization and eventual contacts with the Ufonauts.
Professor Dolan demands a complete disclosure, and even wrote a book about how our world will look after this disclosure.
Now, in my view and following the good and old common sense, I think that Richard Dolan is trapped in an "infinite "contradiction. Let me explain why.
Watching  the news, probably we will think that government(s) are unwise, corrupt, provocative, stupid and reactionary. Consequently, the disclosure demand pretends that these same governments we have, are in fact wise and intelligent enough to find the solution of a problem like UFO phenomenon, which is "infinitely complex", and maintain the cover-up.
The powers that be cannot solve hunger, wars, exploitation, inequality, injustice, abuses and corruption but...they can solve something infinitely complex. Obviously Professor Richard Dolan contradicts himself, but there is even more.
Dolan participates in UFO Congresses, gives lectures, writes books AND confesses that the UFO
enigma is infinitely complex for him and for us all, so, after years of  research, the "expert" proclaims his own inexperience. The man who knows enough to write books, must be infinitely intelligent if he can tell us something about the infinite complexity of the UFO phenomenon.
Some of you will probably think that nonsense, contradiction and ignorance are the basic elements of

the so called Ufology, and you are right. Sooner or latter the UFO "expert" also sees this pathetic show, this circus he/she is in. If he is honest, he will tell the truth about his failed experience with the UFO myth. If he is not, he will go on into conspiracy theory, nonsense, fiction sold as fact, and abuse of believers credibility.
This tragic situation is what I call intellectual suicide. Also is called Cognitive Dissonance. Is not easy to twist truth, deny facts, blend the wise with the clown and sell as good what we know is unreliable and unbelievable. Is not easy to fabricate sources and  anonymous whistle-blowers. In the end, for the UFO-Supernatural Industry is good and true what sells.
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