Monday, January 26, 2015

The Matrix? UFO "experts" and old videos.

The voice is  gives the message: "People, keep looking at the sky, wait a few months more

and the gov. will disclose it...UFO are extraterrestrial visitors. They are here and they were here before...isn't it wonderful? Evidences? The authorities will show them.
Come to the future UFO congress, you only need time and $290. It''s what you need, and also consider the possibility of buying Flying
Saucer Toys, shirts, books, pics, you know. I Think that $1000 will do it...
Just forget war, drones, hunger, children massacre in Palestine, inequality, killing cops, lack of privacy...
All this problems will be solved after disclosure, or after the cosmic brothers come to tell us how to do it better.                                                        
Take your time, forget the corporations,  Read about the "breakaway civilization" and the  big cover-up and the promised future disclosure. Forget about politics, decency, human rights, Truth,
I know I know, things are not clear, there is fear and pain and suffering but just
forget can
watch some old Richard Dolan video and learn about the world after the disclosure.
Forget the real world, have the wrong pill and remain in the matrix of lies and fiction sold as fact.
Just remember that there is a UFO Industry. People selling you lies, fictions presented as facts, non-existent conspiracies, faked sightings and pseudo-science.  They want to sell you "new"books that are copies of the old ones.
Remember that they are selling you the same old stories, year after year. decade after decade. Perhaps it's time to wake up to the real world that needs us.
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