Friday, August 30, 2013

Theater of the Absurd and Logical Fallacies.

The absolute ignorance or fundamental logical principles invites me to write one of my Theater of the Absurd illustrations:
Burden of Proof fallacy
Jim: You know something? Dozens of pink flying elephants are seen in New York sky..!
Mark: Did you see these flying pink elephants?
Jim: no, but some friends of mine saw them.
Mark: Sorry but do you have some evidence about these pink flying elephants’ existence?
Jim: No, but do you have some evidence that pink flying elephants do not exist?
The burden of proof is obviously on the side of the one who says that something exist without giving any kind of reliable evidence.
Ad Hominem Fallacy
Mark:  With all due respect, do you have clear, reliable evidence about those extraterrestrials visiting our planet and conspiring with the government?
Jim You Mark are a debunker that tries to misinform and disinform me..!
Mark But again, sorry about my curiosity but can you show me proofs of those alien visitors?
Jim: You are a psyop, an agent of darkness, a CIA and a fascist.
Mark: I think there is a mistake here; please…I just want to know more about those aliens…  
Jim: A puppet of the illuminati and servant of the Dark Cabal is what you are…the Bilderbergs have enough money to pay you, dirty New World order operative..!
The AD HOMINEM fallacy is the easy answer of those who simply have no arguments. This fallacy is the fast self-protection of charlatans and true-believers.

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