Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Disclosure Myth.

One of the oldest myths in Ufology is the opposition between Cover-Up and Disclosure. If you do not belong to the UFO subculture, most probably will not know what these people are talking about.
Basically, those who presumably know about the presence of Extraterrestrial civilizations in our planet and secret ET contacts with the government demand the “powers that be” to end the cover up.
There is a small trick here: IF the cosmic pundits are right, cover up must include not only the governments but the whole scientific establishment. So, the mystery here is how they manage to keep such thing secret. 
If the EXOcharlatans are right and there is aboriginal and human life in Mars, and cities and monuments and big animals, such a cover-up is impossible in this era of transparency and whistleblowers.
So, when some of these Disclosure friends tell you that the massive cover-up is working, they think that you are not only an ignorant but unable to understand the difference between the real and the imaginary.
Truth is that they have nothing more than words. Not a single, satisfactory evidence to proof what they say it’s true.
Let’s put things in context: these EXOfantasists appeal to a relatively small group of people. They know well that for the big media, the UFO phenomenon is trivia. 
But perhaps, behind the usual nonsense presented as truth, and behind the New Age rhetoric of the self proclaimed contactees, there is a serious personal problem. Some of these fantasists are intelligent and cultured individuals. What happens to them IF they do not believe in what they say?
If this is so, sooner or later they will pay a big price in mental health, self-respect and social recognition.

The "promise" of UFO disclosure is a myth being presented by people who prey on those that want to believe that the government is evil. Unfortunately, UFOlogists have never figured out that if there were a conspiracy that can be kept secret for over sixty years, what makes them think that any effort is going to reveal the truth? Presidents and the media may be really bothered by a pulp fiction writer, a washed up nuclear physicist, a glory seeking emergency room doctor, or any other persona associated with UFOlogy?
It is important to note that UFOlogy is not about real scientific investigation of UFOs. It is about personalities who have found a niche in society that allows them to satisfy their egos and appear important to those who want to believe these stories. By promoting the myth that the US government is concealing aliens or information about UFOs, they can continue to write books and ask for money from credulous individuals who believe these fictions. With that kind of sensationalism being sold, there is no reason for many UFOlogists to really want "disclosure". This is why "disclosure", in the sense that many in UFOlogy describe, will never happen and why it is just another myth.

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