Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I am a debunker, disinformer and psyop..!

It's always interesting to see how people react to our comments that are of course open to everybody.
The ad hominem fallacy repeats again and again, why? Simply because the believers in the ETH do not have EVIDENCES at all of any extraterrestrial presence here or in any other part of the Universe.
As I wrote previously, this lack of evidences turns the UFO=ET believers into faith and not reason.
These adherents to the new UFO religion just hate the"infidels".
Someone. as an answer to Norio Hayakawa's favourable comments of my last post, wrote in fracebook what follows:

"Geo Golden I was just watching the video of one Physicist and investigator who stated that some UFO's are not from this dimension or world. But, not all. - I'm too old, and at this late date I don't have time or consideration for "debunkers", Tomas. Or, people posting disinformation. - What is really the issue, is the secret channeled funding for the Black Ops. that developed the gravity-shielding technologies, in this day and age of economic distress."

So in a few paragraphs I am a debunker, psyop and disinformer. 
Here is my answer to totally unmotivated attack 

First of all I do not ask for your time or consideration. The problem here is not to BELIEVE but to show EVIDENCES. 
You can live in Alice's wonderland if you want, or in Disneyworld. That is your right. 
Also is your right to do with your time and consideration what you want.
In REASON I trust.

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