Saturday, August 24, 2013

The amazing world of Exopolitics.

Watching the exopolitical spectrum, (if there is such thing) we could predict that this meme was going to fail, simply because Exopolitics is possible only if the imaginary extraterrestrials are a real presence.

We must recognize that politics is a very complex activity in our real world. If this is so, just imagine how complex would be to practice politics with nonexistent entities; so, when the Exopolitics Meme was created, some individuals thought that the whole thing was a joke.

 Exopolitics is a fancy term for "extraterrestrial politics" (the Greek prefix "exo-" means "outside" or "external - compare exoplanet). As no extraterrestrial life has been discovered yet, let alone extraterrestrial life capable of politics, this is the domain of cranks and some other really weird individuals.
The term has been used to denote two slightly different things - the alleged dealings of aliens with Earth politicians and the science fiction-like tales of alien wars and alliances.

But you’ll be surprised if you follow this link:

Here you will find thousands of articles concerning Exopolitics and learn about the behavior of the ETs and their sacrifice for our well being and also, if you like better the idea of evil invaders, will read about aliens’ cruelty and abductions. But basically, after seeing what is written there, the question is this: do these individuals believe in such nonsense?

Exopoliticians inform us know how the Universe is organized and what the Galactic Councils “are”.
Some of their writings just tell you how nice and sweet are the cosmic brothers, while others wisely teach humans how to protect themselves against those manipulative and abusive ETs.

Exopoliticians do not waste time with evidences and facts, of course. They have nothing to do with the real world.
We should always remember what Ian Ridpath said: By studying UFOs we learn not about extraterrestrial life or interstellar travel but about human nature.

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