Sunday, August 25, 2013


For many of the exo-mythologists, fantasists, cranks, ufologists and paranormal researchers, the big problem has nothing to do with their invented realities but with the real, concrete, material world. Let me tell you why.

Some of these self proclaimed UFO & paranormal experts were before honest individuals, some of them even academics, that fell into the trap set by the other world, the alternative reality, the alien visitors, cosmic alchemy, you name it.

These individuals were originally attracted by all this weirdness, and even thought that it was something new in it. (They were totally wrong..!)
Probably they believed that it was possible to write and talk and teach all these amazing things and make some money with it, and so, they jumped into the UFO-ET, paranormal adventure.

First of all, the new UFO researchers found that the same old things were repeated again and again. In Ufology there was nothing new, so the production of new ideas was not a part time job but a full time one.
In addition, it was evident that to live in both, the real world and the mythological one, was impossible. His/her ex-colleagues didn't
recognize the ufologist in the streets, and nobody sent her cards in Christmas.

Precisely in this moment is when some neo-mythologists try to step back and remain lucid and rational. It is however too late. To continue in the Ufological-Paranormal market, the “expert” commits intellectual suicide and becomes an adult, perhaps even a professional that makes a living talking nonsense and selling fiction as fact.

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