Saturday, August 31, 2013

UFO-ET mythology and Kitsch

If you follow the ET visitors since Kenneth Arnold sightings in 1947, you will see that the whole thing is kitsch, and the essence of kitsch is imitation, trivia, pop art which offers instantaneous emotional gratification without intellectual effort. From the beginning, UFO=ET narrative imitates the cheapest pulp fiction.
In that sense appeals to the ignorance and not the intelligence. The classic ufological event; abductions, men in black, squirrels in Mars, follows the tabloid journalism style, the pseudo-science, the appeal to emotions.
Culture, taste and critical thinking are never to be found in exo-mythology. Even the flying saucers look like the lid of a garbage can. 
If we analyze the ET messages given by the contactees, you will find that blend of romanticism, kitsch mysticism and tabloid advice.

If these messages show the intellectual level of the “cosmic civilization” that visits our planet, of course garbage can lids will crash, and the ETs will use primitive surgical instruments to explore the bodies of the presumed abductees.
Miss Flying Saucer.
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