Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Answer to Ed Komarek.

Ed Komarek on Facebook.

Ed wrote: "Okay Tomas that's enough promoting of your site for now here. There are hundreds of UFO groups you can join and post to in order to get your message out."

My answer

Ok Ed, but remember that I am not selling things or books but letting people know what I think is true.
I truly believe that challenging pseudo-science and the new mythologies, I am doing my best
against the manipulation and exploitation of people's credulity.
Let us remember that credulity is defined as readiness or willingness to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence.
I just show inconsistencies, contradictions, absurdities, total lack of evidences, irrationality, logical fallacies and superstition.

The last thing humans need is a new religion with its popes, priests, dogmas and lies. The problem is not that I am misinformed but, on the contrary that I know the whole ufological mythology fallacies and tricks perfectly well.
Once the “experts” are in the EGO trip or in the MONEY, the show must go on…

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