Friday, August 9, 2013

To the friends of THIS BLOG

Thanks dear friends for your appreciation. Thanks for your understanding. 

NO, I will not try to sell you books, lectures or lessons on Galactic Diplomacy (sic.)
I am neither into selling, nor into the UFO industry. You will not find any publicity in this page. My links are not for profit.
I believe in science, reason, logic and TRUTH.
I believe in honesty.  

That’s why you will never find lies or fiction presented as fact in my writings. Not fictitious “sources” here and no self proclaimed contactees or faked whistle-blowers.  
Pseudo Ufology is not UFO+LOGIC. They are not worried about hypothetical extraterrestrials but about your $$$.

Think twice before buying the same book written again and again with a new name and some new fantasies included.

And keep visiting this blog knowing that NOBODY will try to sell you NOTHING.

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