Friday, August 2, 2013

Mutual Deception in UFO Subculture.

Some of those who follow the “revelations” of Exopoliticians and cosmic gurus, send me messages justifying their irrational adherence to the charlatans’ nonsense.
In these emails the “true-believers” recognize that ET civilizations in contact with our planet are more or less elaborated fiction, but they enjoy those fairy-tales without believing in them.
Sometimes, the justification was just pity..! “True-believers” confess that they let the fantasists believe that they believe in all that nonsense..!
This suggests a curious situation of a dialogue between gurus and followers, based in mutual deception.
The relationship between self proclaimed “experts” in Extraterrestrials and some members of their groups consist in a mutual lack of confidence that remains undisclosed.  
The Guru believes that his followers are stupid enough to believe in him/her, but truth is that the followers let the “Guide” believe that they believe in him.

In this rarified environment, Exopoliticians are forced to publish more and more gibberish, losing contact not only with the real world, but also with their presumptive believers.

Individuals with an academic background sacrifice all credibility in these pathetic intellectual suicides. 

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