Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Cover-up- Disclosure Hoax.

In the circles of conspiracy theorists and UFO nuts, disclosure of mythical documents or information would be downfall of the alleged government cover-up of UFOs being alien spacecraft/there's life on Mars/whatever the particular user of the term believes in. There seem to be at least two different lines of thought about how this can happen.

The first one treats the Disclosure approximately as some Christians treat the Rapture - as something that may happen at any moment, due to forces higher than them. Gobernments are supposed to be feeding the truth bit by bit, preparing them for the Disclosure. Thus, various incidents and/or news events are interpreted as deliberate leaks, leading towards this goal. Examples can be found on conspiracy forums every time when there is a news announcement about research on life in outer space, resulting in triumphant shouts of "Disclosure imminent!" or the more cautious "Disclosure?". Some fantasists talk  about the world after disclosure, incurring in the presupposition fallacy that is presumed to be acceptable to the respondent when the question is asked. The respondent becomes committed to this proposition when he gives any direct answer.
Before writing about what comes after disclosure, the fantasist must give us clear and reliable evidence that there is something to disclose.
 In reality, disclosure of government or corporate secrets is either a quiet declassification of materials that are no longer priority to protect, or a crime (often the breaking of an NDA) that must be perpetrated by an actual person. Either way, it's not some grand worldwide conspiracy reveal like a twist in an action movie.

The other aspect is simply "fighting for disclosure" - the belief that the government can be pressured into releasing "the Truth" about UFOs/aliens/whatever. This is the stated goal of The Disclosure Project. This likely will be somewhat difficult when the government doesn't actually have a truth to reveal about the ridiculous woo of the week.

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