Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sixty years of Disclosure Mythology

The cover-up , as anything else in the UFO=ET mythology, is imaginary and repeated ad nauseam.
In this year of 2013, the nonsense is however bigger and bigger, but the absolute lack of evidences remains the same.

Donald Keyhoe wrote for various pulp magazines in the 1930s and 40s. Shortly after the UFO events began in 1947, he was approached by True magazine editor Ken Purdy, who sent him a telegram that indicated there was more to the UFO story than what the government was saying publicly. Donald saw the possibility of a big story. He wrote a book called “The Flying Saucers are Real” and stated that eventually the government would reveal the truth once it felt the population could handle the news.

This promise that the government would eventually reveal that aliens were visiting the earth in spaceships would become one of the cornerstones of UFOlogical philosophy for sixty years.

National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) suggested that:
1) That the Air Force has obtained significant proof of UFO reality, and is withholding its evidence until the public and be psychologically prepared under a program guided by some higher agency.
2) That the withholding of information is not because of any special knowledge on the subject, but results more or less unconsciously from red tape, lack of continuity to the UFO project, difference of opinion within the Air Force, etc.
Donald Keyhoe, who was writing and selling his books well, wrote this in 1965:
“Congressional hearings are almost bound to be held eventually--probably within the next year. The basic finding of those hearings--that we are indeed under surveillance of some kind by visitors from the universe--will undoubtedly startle and frighten many people throughout the world.”

There was no disclosure at all, but The Colorado project, presumably an honest investigation of the UFO phenomenon in the University environment, outside the influence of the USAF.

Dr. Edward Condon headed the study but from the beginning Dr. James McDonald and Hynek became concerned about the study, when Dr. Condon revealed he was extremely skeptical about UFOs.
The project was of course, negative, and Dr. Hynek wrote a book denouncing the study as unscientific. More than ten years later, Donald Keyhoe told the National Enquirer in early 1979 that "the recent rash of UFO sightings could mean the aliens are ready to identify themselves to us this year"

Stanton Friedman brought back the so called Roswell incident but despite the presumed flying saucer crash,  and the faked Majestic 12 documents, there was no disclosure.
Glenn Dennis - Roswell mortician whose tale about alien autopsies was exposed as a hoax in the mid-1990s.

Col. Philip Corso - Author of "The day after Roswell", which many UFOlogists considered a bunch of nonsense. It has been exposed as being inaccurate and, apparently, a collection of exaggerations by Corso to inflate his personal achievements over the years. Corso and Walter Mitty had a lot in common.
Larry Warren - Claims to be involved in the Rendlesham UFO incident. Many investigators of this case dismiss Warren's claims as absurd. There is no evidence that Warren was even present on the evenings in question. This did not stop Warren from writing his version of events and selling a book on the incident.

SGT Robert Dean - Another person who claims to have seen a top secret manual that some officer allowed him to read to keep himself awake one night. The manual was all about the recovery a crashed spaceship and it's alien crew.  Much of his story has been exposed as unlikely by Klass and Randle.
Major George Filer - Talks about an incident at McGuire AFB in New Jersey where he saw/heard about an alien killed by a security patrolmen. This has been exposed as a probable hoax by the National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS), a UFO proponent organization.

The "promise" of UFO disclosure is a myth.  An old myth. There will never be disclosure simply because there is no such thing as a UFO=ET cover-up. 

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