Monday, August 5, 2013

The BIG difference between fiction and fact.

In the Smithsonian Magazine we read this:
“A large proportion of the population believes in ghosts, angels, UFOs and ET visitations, fairies, psychokinesis and other strange phenomena. These beliefs elude scientific examination and proof. And it’s just such proof that the hoaxer brings to the table for those hungry for evidence that their beliefs are not deluded.”
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Now, in London’s Hyde Park, a traditional site for public speeches and debate, anybody can talk to others about anything. Nobody will care to find the difference between fantasy and fact. More recently, they have been set up similar sites in other British cities, and there are also Speakers' Corners in many other countries. Censorship occurs only if there is a concrete denounce of profanity.
The question is this: what’s the difference between free speech and hoax? I think that the difference is money. Why? Simply because if someone sells a fantasy proclaiming that it’s a fact, he/she is a hoaxer.
I can give you a nice bottle of snake oil, and even tell you that it will attract good luck and health, but there is a big difference if I sell you the snake oil bottle.
The hoaxer profits with some people’s need to believe, selling you a fantasy as a fact. He writes and sells a book that tries to make you accept as true that extraterrestrial visitors are real, and that millions including the whole scientific community, are conspiring to keep you in the ignorance.  He is selling you fiction as fact.

I don’t know if this is illegal, but I know that it is dishonest. 
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