Monday, August 26, 2013

New ad hominem attack in Facebook.

(threatening ad hominem attack.)

Ed Komarek :
 I agree Simon, if Thomas keeps hanging out here he may learn something. I don't have trouble with uninformed honest skeptics as long as the stay civil and don't make trouble here. The dishonest debunkers are another story.

I am always ready to LEARN something, and by the way, let us analyze the content of Komarek’s post in Facebook
Thomas (me) keeps hanging out there. Ed Komarek says that I may learn something. He tells us that I am an uninformed skeptic but must be honest and stay civil and don't make trouble here (in the Facebook.) However, If I am a dishonest bunker the story will be different.

I can imagine that Ed is threatening me? Posting links in Facebook to my blog is dishonest?

If someone in Facebook is against the freedom of expression, please let me know.

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