Friday, August 16, 2013

About Cover up and Disclosure warriors.

I would like to share with you some ideas and doubts.
 Frequently in the sub-media, people like Dr. Michael Salla, exopolitician, or Richard Dolan, the Ufology professor in the Metaphysical online University, are defined as international experts in the big Conspiracy of the Cover-up.

Richard Dolan even knows how the world will be after the disclosure. He wrote a book about the post-disclosure earth.
I’m sure you all know that the cover up is a giant conspiracy of governments, powers-that-be, NASA, the scientific establishment, NSA, CIA, the academy, etc,  to keep the secret about Extraterrestrial Civilizations that are here in our world, and in contact with the authorities..!

But something is wrong here. Something is not clear at all and my question is this one: If so many people and institutions are conspiring to keep us in the ignorance about the extraterrestrials, how it’s possible for the experts in Cover-Up and Disclosure to speak freely, sell books, give lectures and travel at will?

Let me give you an example. You know the Snowden affair and the whistleblower’s Russian asylum; an international scandal, a diplomatic crisis and all this just for a few leaks?
Tell me if I’m wrong, but the UFO-Extraterrestrials cover-up is a much more serious issue, and nobody in the government or in any other place seems to care about Dr. Salla, Professor Dolan or Andy Basiago, the time-jumper.

What’s going on here? 0r better what is NOT going on?
Honestly, between us, it looks like the powers-that-be know perfectly well that there are no extraterrestrials here, and there is no contact and no such thing as a cover up.

If I am right and there is no such cover-up, a new question is inevitable: do the disclosure paladins believe that there is such a conspiracy?

Because if they do not believe in the cover-up, but talk and write about disclosure and make a living with all this, in that case, something is wrong, very wrong.

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