Friday, August 23, 2013

Ufologists, occultists, paranormal researchers, ghost hunters

In this two-hour special, paranormal investigators Richard Dolan, Katrina Weidman, John McGarry, Chris Holt, and Becky Weingrad explore the terrifying factual stories that served as the basis for some of the scariest horror movies of all time. The team is also joined 

by renowned psychic Chip Coffey and paranormal researcher John Zaffis, who lend their expertise in analyzing the accounts.

Through exclusive eyewitness interviews and reenactments of actual events, the team will 

uncover even more unbelievable tales, including gripping evidence of the paranormal 

activity that inspired The Haunting in Connecticut, the eyewitness reports of a winged 

creature that led to The Blair Witch Project, the terrifying UFO abduction claim behind Fire  

in the Sky, and the series of mysterious deaths that inspired the chilling classic A Nightmare 

on Elm Street. The movies may be fiction, but the fear is very real!

The future of Ufology?This must be the world after "disclosure"
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