Monday, August 5, 2013

Again and again the same fallacies and failed predictions.

In  Alfred Webre’s Exopolitics webpage we read what follows.

Let me suggest you what transpires. First, a classic sample of the logical fallacy of appeal to authority . Fallacious arguments from authority often are the result of failing to meet at least one of the required two conditions (legitimate expertise and expert consensus) structurally required in the forms of a statistical syllogism. First, when the inference fails to meet the first condition (inexpert authority), it is an appeal to inappropriate authority, which occurs when an inference relies upon a person or a group without relevant expertise or knowledge of the subject matter under discussion.

In other words, an individual can be a bestselling author, the granddaughter of President Eisenhower, a lawyer, a filmmaker or an historian, but all this doesn’t legitimize what they say or believe.

Just try some google, and follow the names. Learn who is who in the rarified, agonizing world of the Extraterrestrial Ufological Hypothesis. I wrote before that this people are victimized by the NOTHING HAPPENS SYNDROME. Go to the archives in or out the web. You will learn that we have more than sixty years of the same old stupidity: …they are coming already..!

Not true, but let me tell you how this ad nauseam failed prediction remains as a meme. The individuals of both sexes that sell nonsense about ETs, Conspiracies, Cover ups, pseudo-science and New Age rhetoric, try to keep the market working, try to sell the same trivia, the same “teachings” about galactic diplomacy, contactees, faked whistleblowers and hoaxers.
Consequently, year after year, the self proclaimed cosmic alchemists, experts in Universal legislation, anonymous (inexistent) sources, and pseudo-science, repeat their fantasies.
…the aliens are coming..! The disclosure will be soon a fact..!
They believe that we are stupid enough to buy the same garbage, year after year.

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