Friday, August 30, 2013

Thinking about Extraterrestrials Inefficiency

On 14 June 1947, Roswell rancher Mac Brazel found a tangled clump of balsa wood, tinfoil, and some oddly decorated tape. Some military men from the nearby Army air field came by and picked it up, somehow mistaking it for a flying saucer. The Pentagon, realizing that it was a radar reflector from a nuclear weapons test detection system they'd been working on called Project Mogul, called it a weather balloon and stopped talking about it. The first wave of the UFO craze started about a week and a half later in Washington State. Roswell would remain forgotten until the late 1970s, when professionals of the UFO industry jumped to a lot of conclusions, and elevated it into a gigantic conspiracy theory.
Roswell (the incident) has long since become a major moneymaker for Roswell (the town), and has become a byword for UFO believers (as a great cover-up) and UFO skeptics (as a symbol of tenacious credulity).
What’s amazing here is that Aliens came to Earth from another galaxy or solar system, but then crashed and died. What? Are you telling us that an alien race invented an inter-galactic drive, but didn't invent seat belts?
Extraterrestrials inefficiency.
All these crashes teach us a lot about the ET inefficiency. They crash a lot and if you watch again and again the flying saucers design, you will feel tired of the cheap tin.
Also, they practice abductions and use totally primitive medical instruments and procedures.
Presumably they are wasting time in our skies without any plan or agenda.
67 years trying to believe in the occupants of things that look like trash can lids.
In fact Santa sledge looks more elegant.

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