Thursday, August 29, 2013

UFO extraterrestrial mythology created by science fiction books, films and TV serials.

This is an excellent article that shows us how the UFO extraterrestrial mythology was created by science fiction books, films and TV serials.

The commentary of Popular Mechanics follows step by step the invention of the alien visitors and the fiction’s impact in the popular culture

“UFO culture began in the late 40's, when a pilot's account of a midair encounter with mysterious aircraft triggered similar reports across the United States.(Kenneth Arnold sighting. 1947) Authors, movie producers and a few hack journalists were quick to respond. By the late 1950s, pop culture was completely preoccupied with aliens, and the clich├ęs it created then have been repeated and reinvented ever since. Here are the books, TV shows and movies that helped create the mythology of UFOs in America. They aren't the best, or the worst, but the ones that made the most impact on the prevailing American superstition of our time.”
Science Fiction and pop culture created not only the different tipes of extraterrestrials but also the behavior of the “cosmic visitors”.
The UFO Phenomenon, was a deft, kid-friendly synopsis of the more prominent myths. With relatively few sightings or abduction stories in the news, this is where a new generation learned of the insidious "men in black," the monstrous Greys the photos and eyewitness accounts of UFOs that the U.S. Air Force's Project Blue Book could never explain away.”
The media sensationalism did the rest. The meme was created becoming a more or less prosperous and spectacular industry that in my personal view not only was inoffensive for the authorities but in some cases even useful. The cover-up myth was in fact a protection for the UFO mythology since the absolute lack of evidences was justified by the new meme of the big conspiracy.

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