Thursday, August 15, 2013

Negative consequences of selling fiction as fact.

Those who fantasize about ET spacecrafts tell us about hundreds of UFO sightings. They do not tell us that 95% of UFOs are identified as natural phenomena of human artifacts. The remaining 5% are conditionally unidentified and we must accept that new investigations can identify these.

Even if the 5% remains unidentified, we cannot proclaim that those are alien spacecraft. Why? Simply because we never saw an extraterrestrial vehicle, and our ideas about such hypothetical “flying saucers” come from science fiction movies and graphics.  

That is why the extraterrestrial visitors’ hypothesis, not supported by any reliable concrete evidence is nothing but science-fiction itself. This is no problem if the self-proclaimed experts recognize that they are proposing a hypothesis, and recognize alternative possibilities, as science must always do.
But they give us a fantasy world with nonexistent contacts, unreliable sources, factoids, and personal unsubstantiated ideas. Impossible conspiracies, prophesies, new age rhetoric, and even theological postulates are sold as books, lectures, videos and galactic diplomacy lessons.

Unfortunately money makes the difference. Selling all this nonsense to people without alternative information and experience in critical though is dishonest. In the worst case, these fantasies concerning alien visitors and conspiracies can seriously harm neurotic or psychotic individuals.

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