Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Present and Future of the Extraterrestrial Mythology.

For the exo-mythologists there is one basic problem: Since there are no extraterrestrials and/or any ET presence evidence and the whole thing must be kept alive, new memes are added to the original ones.
However, these new ideas must keep their appeal. Fantasists know that the ETH, the extraterrestrial hypothesis presented as a fact must be interesting and promising to the believers.
That is why when a meme dies, like the “men in black” meme, the “experts” must find a new one.
The last creation was the ET abductions, originated in the Betty and Barney Hill incident. http://ufoculture.blogspot.com/2013/08/betty-barney-hill-and-et-abductions-meme.html
The abductions meme though, didn’t last for long. It remains in the side of the Exomythological rhetoric but agonizing.
Now, it’s time for the cover-up=disclosure meme to die and there are already some indications that the disclosure will be soon finished.
The myth of the giant conspiracy to keep the secret of the extraterrestrial presence can remain for some time, but the Exopoliticians and UFO-Paranormal experts will kill the disclosure fiction, simply because they know well that the whole coverup-disclosure meme cannot be active for much long.  
Some researchers believe that the whole ETH will end, but I think that a small UFO sub-cultural group will survive, but with additional religious elements.
 The cover-up will become permanent, the disclosure impossible and the extraterrestrials will become invisible and inaccessible like angels or gods.  

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