Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cover-up of the Cover-up; a funny paradox.

“On Sunday, June 18, 1967, Jacques Vallee tried to restore some order in the files and “found a letter which is especially remarkable because of the new light it throws on the key period of the Robertson Panel and of Report #14”. This was the report that was also at the core of Leon Davidson’s enquiries and which made him conclude that the US government was using UFOs as part of a psychological warfare exercise.” (link included below)
We learn this and much more reading Philip Coppens commentary in his Website UFOgate.
Following the secret documents we find out that CIA and other organizations produced faked  UFO sightings and promoted the ETH, since the public interest in UFOs was a perfect cover-up for some other very secret and very human activities.
I do not believe in complex conspiracies and have no doubts about government’s detachment of the UFO mythology, but there is the possibility of a nice paradox here.
We can say that the UFO mythology is the cover-up employed and promoted by the government so that the real secrets remain undisclosed.
However is also possible that the powers-that-be want to make us believe that they are the producers of the UFO mythology, so that the real thing, the ET presence and contacts are kept secret.  In this case the mask is the face.
If this is so, UFO promotion and manipulation serves the purpose of…keeping the ET secret.
We can follow back this chain of cover ups, without finding what covers what.
My advice: enjoy the regressive paradox but do not believe in it. Remain interested and detached and remember that…the show must go on..!
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