Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Truly Frightening..!

Dear people, please look at the message below. First I found it pathetic. However is worse than that. Is frightening.
If they make people believe in these "things", it looks like some kind of experiment in credulity, in distortion of reality.

An inexistent technology against an inexistent danger in an inexistent battle between non-existent Forces.
This has a name: Pure Madness.
My question is this: Dr.Salla, and Alfred Webre, and Dr. Greer...have NOTHING TO SAY?
In Exomythology there is no right and wrong? There is no fact and fiction?
Should we think that each "gang" respects the territory of the other "gangs".?
This is indeed, FRIGHTENING.

"Fran Obsidian Harris"

< Upon learning this, it was apparent that I share this with you so that proper shielding can be implemented. As it has been made known very recently that the Cabal heads/tentacles have created for their RVer's engineered mechnical gear that allows them to see through regular shielding.
To give you an example this viewing apparatus looks/appears like a rectangular goggle's that curves around the face of the person; other details are that there are lines from all directions on the surface that come to the centers of what looks like two horizontal lines for eyes. This piece is also transparent too.
Now, you can do shielding however, you very well will be at risk. However, when you implement at least the Titanium multi-sided shield, [www.drboylan. com/shielding101 .html ], you stand a better chance of not being viewed. And along with the Ultra-violet [light shell] as well lends a warning note to this. Theses workers know about the shielding practices of people; however, when folks use the Titanium & and Ultra-violet shieldings too, they ran into a problem. Hence, the goggles. And yes, I know the Cabal heads/tentacles are going to be mad but, they know what they need to do to change.
This shielding is good for yourself/home/ vehicle too.
I wish you well.
Take care.
Love & Peace in Service

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