Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Theater of the Absurd knows no limits...

G. posted this valuable information in P4C.
As you can see, the "Theater of the Absurd" knows no limits.

"Boylan often writes about his prime contact/conduit to "Star
Nations": a woman named Wendi Powers. Today, in his mail group,
Boylan published a note from Wendi about Star Nations' alien
technology. In it, Powers says she was 1) shown and allowed to hold
a piece of downed Roswell crash technology, and 2) allowed into a
secret base hangar (S-4?) containing an alien disk. Ironically,
Powers often talks about how the Cabal is out to shoot down any
reports about the gray alignment's activities. However, in this
passage, Powers suggests that she has special inside connections with
black budget operatives. Independent observers may now ask whether
Powers' definition of Cabal is merely propaganda, given that she
claims to have been allowed special access into US military
facilities. How many civilians do you know about who were allowed in
a military hangar to inspect an alien craft?


"How is the future car like Zeta craft?

"1) Zeta craft skin is very unique. Zeta crafts are self healing -
as long as they are not too messed up, small things repair
automatically. The skin of Zeta craft is amazing. It is actually
nano technology and the small "cells" (*not actually cells, but they
are alive and thoughtful individual quark units which make up the
material in a uniform state). These "cells" communicate internally
and share the common service of keeping the whole craft healthy.
They watch out over eachother and if one unit is hurt, they will heal
the injured one. In this show, it showed how a car can get a scratch
and the "paint" is a type of intelligent polymer that will self heal
the scratch. I have actually held a piece of Zeta craft from the
Roswell crash and talked with the square piece. It responded
directly to my touch and requests.

"2) Cars of the future will be linked with the driver. For a Zeta
craft, this is the same thing on an advanced level. Zeta craft
listens to the heart energy of the one in communication with it. It
will not respond to energy of ego. This is also why the Cabal who
have captured Zeta craft can not figure out how to "drive" them. One

time I was called in to try to make a Zeta craft fly - along with
some other people. It was very easy for me to have the craft respond
and get off the ground because of how the craft responds to the
pilot. Of course after I figured out the person trying to find out
how I was able to make the Zeta craft get off the ground in the
hanger, I immediately knew to shut it down. I told them I had no
idea how I did it. Just like the cars in our own future, if the
car / craft senses that the one driving is not supposed to be doing
so - they just won't work."
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