Friday, January 16, 2009

A Critical Reading of the document on UFO DISCLOSURE

Dear Friends
I will share with you a reading of thus document demanding a UFO Phenomenon disclosure to the Obama Administration. Our commentaries are included in the text with a different font.

End the Truth Embargo on Extraterrestrials (UFO Disclosure)

Mr. President, we want to take this unique opportunity to reach you early on about something potentially deeper and more important than even the financial crisis or the War on Terror.
This characterization is at least absurd, and perhaps directed against the Disclosure and not in favor of it. For the Obama administration and the American people, NOTHING is more important than the financial crisis, and the concept of “War on Terror” does not reflect the real situation in the Middle East. Is in fact, a neo-conservative justification for the never ending colonialist war.
I am talking about the culture of lies in Washington, where truth is suppressed for political and personal gain. You have a mandate from the American people to do business differently. You have promised to level with us about the hard choices we will face together. You have promised to tell us the truth, and you come to us not a moment too soon.
Indeed, but again, the characterization of Washington as a culture of lies recreates the climax of aggression, lack of confidence and dissociation.
Mr. President – Tell us the Truth about the extraterrestrial presence on this planet and release as much relevant information to the American people as possible within reasonable constraints of national security. It is time for the people of the world to know the truth about the universe they inhabit.
Again, disinformation. This implies that there is in fact an extraterrestrial presence known by the government. Easily the gov. will answer that there is NO evidence of such extraterrestrial presence in our planet. Also, we don’t know if the Ufonauts are extraterrestrials or intraterrestrials or extradimensionals or time travelers or…you name it. The whole language employed is anti-scientific, partial and limited. The gov. will easily tell us that those few UFOs are not threatening our world at all.
Maintaining the veil of secrecy regarding the extraterrestrial presence has cost the United States untold fortunes, but more importantly has undermined our faith in government and has led to abuses of secrecy and power. How many hundreds of billions of dollars have fallen off the CBO radar screen in black projects with no federal legislative oversight? As you go through the Federal Budget line by line, what will you do when you reach these items? Some previous Presidents may have found themselves at the same crossroads, willing in theory to pursue a path of disclosure, but were unwilling to tackle the layers of intelligence obstacles put in their way. They may have felt the political cost was too high. What will you do? You may be told “Curiosity on the part of the President is not sufficient to warrant an answer to your inquiry”. That will be the real test of your presidency - behind closed doors, with possibly only your closest advisors knowing your response. Or – we will all know, because you have courage, and you have faith in the strength of the American People to handle the Truth, and you will tell the world.
Insists in the extraterrestrial presence as a FACT. Denounces abuses talking not as the absolute minority we are, but in the name of the whole people. Writes about rumors without giving nothing specific. Confronts the President with his advisers. The whole paragraph is a perfect denial of any serious possibility of Disclosure.
It is Time.
Do not accept “no” for an answer Mr. President – There is NOTHING that should be hidden from you as our representative. Nothing. No exceptions. There will obviously be valid national security items that must be safeguarded and non-disclosed for our safety. We trust you to keep us safe Mr. President, and we will accept whatever non-disclosures you feel are necessary. But we need the basic Truth disclosed now.
Again implies that the President is isolated from those who he selected as advisors. Also implies that there is a government inside the government and that the President doesn’t govern.
Until this “Truth Embargo” is ended there will be no public access to technologies derived from extraterrestrial vehicles in this critical time of mounting economic and environmental challenges. Now is the time to release into the public domain extraterrestrial-derived technologies, secretly studied and reverse engineered for sixty years, which are now essential to overcome the environmental, economic and social challenges of our time.
Here, the idea of alien technologies in the hands of the government is given as a FACT. NO EVIDENCES of such technologies are given. I can imagine the smile in the face of the President if he reads this. Probably President Obama will give to this document 20 seconds of his time.
Have faith in us Mr. President, as we have demonstrated our faith in you.
The “faith “in the President is conditioned to the imaginary Disclosure. This shows lack of respect for someone who already credits the confidence of 80 % of the people, with or without Disclosure .I hope President Obama will enjoy this piece of total non-sense.
We can handle it.
Nothing will come from this document , and perhaps that is what disinformers want: NOTHING.
James AKA Tomas
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