Sunday, January 18, 2009

After 2012...what?


After all this 2012 end time stuff I'm quite jaded, and when 2012 comes and nothing happens when will the next end time date come so I can be jaded for that "end time" date as well?

You are right, Jay, but we have the experience about what happens when nothing happens. Remember the 2000 prophesies. People buying food in cans, hysteria, fear, anticipation.
And of course, as usual, nothing happened.
The prophets and Wise Men and Women say: give us the money now. Boy the book or the video, or the "teachings". Then forget about 2012. We will see what we find between now and the 2012, don't worry. We will have something new to sell...

The profiters know that nothing will happens, but they will have another tale to tell, and sell.
The business of the 2012 is NOW.
Some talk about the end of the world. Others the Golden Age.
People buys all this:
Hope and Fear always sell.

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