Friday, January 30, 2009

Exopolitics: a twisted "reality"

Those who try to destroy Ufology, twisting history, denying reality, in this way survive their complete lack of evidences.
They Need Faith and not Reason. They need to replace fact with fiction and make you believe in what they say.
So, they tell us that the contact between Hitler and manipulative Aliens is "documented". (show us that "documentation")
They tell us that the 9/11 was not a terrorist attack but reading the Gnostics, we will see the hand of manipulative Aliens.
Remember that the EXOS told us that the Irak Invasion was motivated by the need to control some Alien technology in that country..! (read it in exopolitics website.)
Now, IF they try to sell us such a cheap, twisted version of our history, it is OBVIOUS that they see us as IGNORANTS and IDIOTS.

They think that they can give us fiction as fact. They believe we are imbeciles.
If they try to sell those twisted, pathetic interpretations, the thing is even worst: they are con men.
I include my previous post below, for those who didn't read it.
We should remember this:

There is a simple answer to those who try to sell us lies. ASK FOR EVIDENCES. Just QUESTION their statements. Ask them to show those "documents" that show Hitler in contact with ETs. Ask them to reveal their sources. Of course be ready : They will do the only thing they can do: accuse you of psyop, Agent of Darkness, Debunker. They will attack you "ad hominem" ...why? Simply because they cannot give you a satisfactory evidence. Not a single one. They can only insult you as an individual.

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