Monday, January 19, 2009

Dr. Salla "celestials" :Exopolitics or Exoreligion?

If Dr. Salla's is right and his research on "celestials" is accurate, then the idea of Exopolitics must be totally reconsidered.
Salla tells us that those he call "celestials" have had a fundamental role in human history. More important, these entities are far more advanced that Humans and Aliens.
Michael implies that the contact with Aliens requires the participation of the "celestials".
Consequently, the whole idea of Galactic Diplomacy collapses.
Exopolitics becomes Exoreligion.
We all depend on these "celestials " .

Dr. Salla writes:

"In contrast to extraterrestrials, these beings do not appear to be dependent on technologies for communication and travel." and "Apparent "celestials" are able to travel throughout the universe through willpower alone and are not confined to any physical location. This highly advanced ability distinguishes them from extraterrestrial entities that are dependent on advanced forms of technology for space-time travel"

The obvious conclusion is that these super-human and super-alien Entities are ...GODS.

"they have attained a level of oneness or 'cosmic consciousness' with the universe, and do not identify themselves exclusively with a stellar region, civilization, time or dimension."
"celestials are not limited to any one physical form, and can change their form at will to suit whatever circumstances they are in."

Of course, if this is so, we must also think that the "celestials" care not about human suffering. As the Aliens, they do not help us at all.
Exopolitics is only possible if Humans and Aliens are free races. This is not so if we accept the existence of the "celestials".
The best thing we can do is worship them. Consequently, we have a new Religion, not Diplomacy.
Let's go back to Polytheism.


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