Saturday, January 24, 2009

President Obama UFO Disclosure

I was reading the demands of a complete disclosure to President Obama.
Nice. I can imagine how the Disclosure Press Conference will look.
With President Obama and VP Joseph Biden, several officers from CIA, NSA, Army, Navy and NASA will be present.
With exemplar sobriety Obama will recognize the cover up, and will invite NASA personnel to show pictures that give evidence of Intelligent Life in Mars. (Cities, Martians, etc.)
After that, smiling, the President will recognize that the gov is in contact with Aliens of several races, and probably, he will introduce some Aliens, perhaps a couple of Greys, some Reptilians and why not, a Tall White.
We cannot tell if the Aliens will talk to the press, or if they will remain silent.
The other possibility is that the President will disclose several secret agreements with the Aliens, but if this is so, a few ex civil servants will be in jail and Aliens will be considered also conspirators.
Later, President Obama will recognize that authorities are in control of several alien technologies that will solve the Energy and Environmental crisis and our health problems.

Now, the problem is that I cannot even imagine this happening, and since all of you are good, intelligent people, I believe that neither you can imagine this: Ideas welcome.

In Truth we Trust.



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