Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Solar Initiation in Bolivia: Empowerment for 2012..!

Dear people, in this message I include link of Dr. Salla and Angelika invitation to the " Solar Initiation Retreat at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia - March 2009"

I must confess that first I thought that the message was some Tourism publicity but after a careful reading saw some kind of Cosmic Value.
First of all, the central attraction is a super-contactee named Luis Fernando.
Yes, of course this gentleman is very well known. He have contacts with the Amautas, wise elders that live in subterranean cities of Los Andes. (These subterranean cities are only known by some Initiates, of course.)

The Bolivian Guru is considered "one of the most important contactees of these times" (by whom?). Luis Fernando also have friendly contacts with Aliens who gave him "awakening messages". (Is wonderful that these ETs come here from their distant planets just to give us "awakening messages" )

Probably, the most important event of this retreat on Titicaca, Bolivia, is the Solar Initiation.
Honestly, I don't know in what way our relationship with the middle aged Star called Sun will change after this "initiation", but reading the Retreat invitation I find that we will be empowered and ready for...2012..!
I think that Luis Fernando doesn't speak English but Angelika will translate his teachings to the people.
Well, not exatly the people, but only those who can pay for it.
Package Price:
$2195 USD
7 days/7 nights
A $500 deposit is required to hold your space. Full payment due by Feb. 13.
*International retreats have a non-refundable deposit. Please see website for more information.

...and suddenly I am enlightened..! Money makes the world go round. and the world is a Cabaret, as Liza Minelli said in her old film.
Take a look below and see how this works, and of course if you have the money go to Bolivia, a beautiful country with an old Tradition.

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