Friday, January 16, 2009

Open Letter to people with brains.

Dear friends
It is easy to make a hundred members group. Just some fantasies, some recycling of the old, discredited hoaxes. A few contactees writing "messages" from advanced aliens ( some new age, theosophy, drops of biblical non-sense- nothing alien of course)
Once in a while, you copy and paste all the non-sense and "write" a book. (Also some non-profit Institute with a bombastic name...yes, it's easy to lie. )
Ahhh.. and please`do not forget the anonymous sources, if possible "highly decorated" .
These anonymous, "reliable" sources will disclose meetings in the UN, Cabals, 2 thousand different alien races walking or crawling in the Pentagon. The many alien saucers that were "downed" by our powerful weapons...Gimme a break .
It is easy but we are not in the EXO marketing.
We are not followers of a neo-cosmic cult.
Our forum, Rational Ufology has 19 thinking people sharing thoughts, info, ideas.
Now, 19 rational women and men are better than 100 "true-believers".
We are many.

Lots of love and friendship.
In TRUTH we trust.

Tomas AKA James
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