Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open Letter to the Star Brothers

Dear Star Brothers

Thanks a lot for being there, in Gaza, saving innocent civilians. Feels nice to have such Protectors.
Of course, we know that the "Visitors" are worried about our ascension, and care not about massacres, genocides and other human crimes.
They "watch" , they are brothers in absentia.
What those children and women sacrificed in Gaza need is perhaps some Solar Initiation???
Pity they don't enjoy the possibilities of the Bolivian contactee that was teleported to Ganymede or Venus.
It would be great to get out from Gaza, right? Yes, indeed.
But you know, the White Brotherhood, and the Atlantes living in subterranean cities under the Titicaca lake, have other things to do. Things that are far more important than human life.
Perhaps Andrew is right. Human rights are not for the Farm.
Disclosure? Watching the face of the Palestinian kids, I care nothing about the Disclosure. Gimme a break..!
If someone has the power to stop the killing and doesn't, he she or It, is also a murderer. He belongs to the Cabal of Genocides.
The Aliens as usual, are distant, detached, doing their thing.
They do not want any diplomatic contact with us.
They don't want us to know about them.
They don't care at all about us.
Of course IF they are here without human authorization, this is an occupied land, as Gaza by the Zionists.
Aliens: just let us know what you want here, of go home and let us take care of our own Tragedy.

In Truth we Trust

James AKA Tomas
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