Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Ufology becomes Superstition.

Let me share with you some ideas.
The worst enemy of ufological research is not skepticism. The worst enemy is the mutation of Ufology into Religion.
Religion is based in Faith, and that is exactly what the EXOS want and in fact need: Faith.
When someone tells us that he was teleported to Ganymede and to Venus, and that there are subterranean cities inhabited by wise Atlanteans, either the "initiate" shows some evidence, OR he wants us to believe that what he says is true. We must have Faith in him or we are wasting our time (and money)
When someone tells us that 12 extraterrestrial scientists are in our planet fixing environmental problems, either he/she shows some evidence or want us to have Faith in what he says.
One of the consequences of this that Ufology becomes Superstition. Research becomes Cult. Team becomes Sect.
This faith in his "teachings" gives the fantasist a new "freedom".
Once people believes that she/he is in contact with an Alien Galactic Race, there are no more limits. Talking nonsense is wisdom. Healthy doubt is heresy. Asking for evidences is offense.
Worst, the storyteller comes to you talking nonsense, and not only expects you to believe in her/his absurdities. He also wants MONEY for them.
In that case the "gurus" think that we are idiots and ignorants, and that is offensive.

We should also remember that there is a BIG difference between telling lies and selling lies.

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