Monday, January 26, 2009

Disclosure but... Where are the Aliens?

Our friend Isis writes this about the Disclosure.

I find it hard that the new President will be able to disclose something of such importance as the existence of the ETs in our world. That would cost him his presidency
from the very beginning,
Lets give him a little more time . If the ETs would help by
appearing in mass it would make easier for all of us ufologists to point and make the entire world be
aware, then part of it.
The Ets have to meet us half and falt. They cant just stay up there or around here and do
nothing -- they got to help a little. They should not leave us in this never ending fight
against the government.
Appear in the sky, with their mother ship, powerfully and beautifully looking.
Show that they are here for our own good, not to eat us, and mistreat us, abduct and
take us or our children - explain we wont be their slave , as many think and fear.
We need them to come down and show their intention. wich I am sure are for the good
of humanity. Why not? the are extraterrestrials after all - extra intelligent, with more wisdom, morality,
and more power, who can stop them? Its up to them, we must pray for a change of
heart and hope they will stick to the disclosure the have promess to their many
I will wait till 2012, after that I will give up totally, I am getting
tired of waiting. Tired of making a point, and I dont blame human skeptics,
who never had an ufo sight or an aliens encounter. tires to wait
and tired to stick for them, they should meet half way. ISIS.

I agree, Isis. Thanks for THINKING.

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