Monday, January 13, 2014

UFOLOGY becoming a new RELIGION.

We wrote before that mythic ufologists had only one way to remain in the UFO believers attention and in the UFO industry. This was the way of religion.
The UFO-ET hypothesis cannot be confirmed and the same happens with the existence of gods and similar creations.
UFOs, like gods, do not have a consistent, practical contact with humans. Priests are needed to talk in the name of God. Exo-fantasists are precisely those priests.
This priesthood is kept through another myth. Presumably these individuals know more or are in contact with the UFO phenomenon.
This situation will inevitably transform the UFO ET meme into a religion, and some new EXO-PREST and EXO-PRIESTESSES will impose themselves to the dissidents.
See link below as an evidence of this transformation and forget about scientific Ufology. Gods and Priets do not like science too much.

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