Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Selling fiction as fact: The enlightening experience.

We must recognize that selling fictions for facts is not an easy job for several and perhaps contradictory reasons. First of all, you must read about what every kook and crackpot is saying and writing. From that mass of incoherencies you must choose those who can be adapted to your own market needs.
Some of these fantasies that contradict your own show can be used to denounce disinformation operations.
Besides, choosing and recycling urban legends and pathologies will teach you a hard lesson. What crackpots and kooks are saying is not true, and your own constructions share this untruthfulness.
Suddenly you see it clearly. You are not different to the other loonies and crackpots. You are one of them.
However this can be an enlightening experience. Recognizing yourself as a fictions seller will make your cognitive dissonance more tolerable.
You are now into the show business and must not care about more or less reliable sources because you know the rule: everything goes. The show must go on.

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