Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Andy Basiago and the decadence of his time-travel Meme.

Time-traveling was apparently a contagious meme but this wasn’t true. In fact, Andy Basiago’s time-travel fantasy was a dead meme from the beginning.
After several years of repeating the same nonsense which nobody believes or cares about, the self proclaimed time-space-jumper’s meme agonizes in the restricted world of the Urban Legend, perhaps just as a joke.
That is the funny thing. Anybody could present himself/herself as a time-traveler. He needs just some imagination and nothing else. However, there are little tricks like the presumed Basiago Gettysburg picture, which will in the end make things worse.
My idea is that the time-travel meme will die because it’s total lack of credibility. So, back into time-travel mythology not only has no future but not even has present.
After sometime the poor time travel meme will die a natural dead.
Something more: when we talk of memes like Basiago-like time-jumping. We are talking about things that only exist inside the UFO and paranormal subculture. Be aware that in everyday world nobody knows or cares about Andy Basiago’s time and space jumps.
This hypothesis overestimate the T.T. nonsense. Let me give you my opinion:
No, there is not such disinformation campaign. The whole thing is so ridiculous and absurd that in the Intelligence word the time-jump nonsense is just stupid enough to be self destructive.
Even the biggest disinformational fairy tales must have some minimal level or credibility, of internal logic.
In fact, the worst thing that can happen to a fantasist is to lose perspective over his/her inventions. The good sellers are those who know well what is the real value of what they are selling.
Our time-jumper seems to ignore that the value of his time-travel fantasy is cero.

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