Monday, January 20, 2014

Before buying a "new" UFO book...

If you are interested in Ufology, conspiracies and the ET-UFO hypothesis, let me tell you something. Before buying a new UFO book, see it's contents and then let it there.
Now go home, switch on your computer and  do some googling.  You will find that the book's contents are there, and for free.
Of course if you are familiar with the traditional pre-internet UFO books, you know already that there is nothing new in the UFO subculture.
Perhaps some imaginative ufologists will write books telling you how the world will be after disclosure, but this nonsense is meaningless.  
Probably you know all this, but the important thing is to share it with others.
This is important because if we share, we make our positive contribution to a healthy, free and intelligent internet.
Besides, the manipulation of paranoid ideas and the creation of new cults in the virtual space are dangerous practices.
We do not need self proclaimed gurus to guide us into new and profitable cults. We need truth, honestly and intelligence.
This is FREE,

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