Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The isolation of the UFO-ET subculture.

A subculture is a group of individuals that has beliefs, values and behaviors that are different from the main groups within a culture or society. I think however that instead of talking about the UFO subculture we should change the definition.

UFO-ET subculture is a much more clear characterization, since the UFO-ET mythology includes conspiracy theories and the statement that the Unidentified Flying Objects are Extraterrestrial spatial crafts. Besides, this subculture suggests that there is a government conspiracy to deny the alien presence in our planet.

Also some individuals belonging to the UFO-ET subculture present themselves as experts in Ufology  selling books, CDs, classes and even organizing congresses and demands of disclosure.

Truth is that after years of preaching, ufologist cannot popularize their ideas. They cannot leave behind the isolation of their subculture.

That is why the UFO-ET rhetoric tries to present the UFO-ET mythology as something important and even urgent.

This rhetoric has at least two purposes: to convince the true-believers about the importance of their preaching and to gain access to the mass media.  Furthermore these UFO professionals try to convince their followers that the government cares about their fantasies. 

The first task of the “experts” is to make the UFO thematic look as something important, but they fail. For the society, included the State and the media, Ufology is nothing but trivia and inoffensive crankiness. There is a logical reason for this indifference: ufologist can talk about UFO, ETs and even contacts between government and alien beings, but after 60 years, the exo-fantasists couldn’t show a single proof of what they say. They have no evidences at all, and this makes them totally unreliable for the media and the big public.

Any informed and mature individual knows this, and also knows that nothing will turn the UFO-ET charade into a serious business.
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