Friday, January 24, 2014


A dilemma is a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more undesirable alternatives, and the UFO-ET industry confronts some of these problematic situations.
For example, if the Exo-fantasists are warriors of truth fighting against the UFO-Extraterrestrial cover-up, how is it possible that the sinister guardians of the ET secret seem to care nothing about the activities of the disclosure activists?
Some skeptics and even some believers could think that if the government cares nothing about those individuals writing books, organizing congresses and fighting the so called “security state”, it’s because there is no cover up, nor ET contacts or conspiracies with funny names.
However, the UFO-ET industry must fight for the market, and some of the mythologists can say that the competence, (other mythologists,) are in fact disinformation agents, but this is not a solution because the presumed disinformation operatives can tell the same thing about those who accuse them.
This contradiction can be solved only if we choose between the following alternatives:

1    * There is no such cover up because there are no aliens at all here, in own beautiful planet, and the government sees the UFO ET fantasists as inoffensive nuts.
2      *For the authorities it’s not bad to have some loonies talking nonsense about aliens and cover up conspiracies, instead of confronting the real social, political and economical problems.

In any case, nobody cares about people selling fictions as facts. Urban legends and subcultures keep the show going on, and the “prosperous few” remain in control.

So, if we want to know who the real whistle blowers are, we only need to watch the State’s reaction. No reaction means that the self proclaimed whistle-blower is in the show business.
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