Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Richard Dolan mythology is as poor as his rhetoric.

After publishing books about disclosure and even a book about how will be the word about disclosure, Richard Dolan changed the show. Now he tells us that he was tired of “all this talk about disclosure” and therefore he was looking for something else. Translated into rational critical Ufology, this means that Richard tries to find a mutated meme, a slightly different mythology.
In his lecture published on Jan 28, 2014, Richard Dolan argues that the UFO phenomenon is infinitely more complex than many have previously suggested, and that human and non-human groups are behind what we call UFOs. 
As everything Dolan says or writes, his statements are not legitimized by any kind of reliable evidences. What we have is fiction sold as fact. Imagination sold as knowledge.
Richard Dolan tells us that within the human, classified part, breakthroughs have leap-frogged over each other to produce a society with substantially more advanced scientific, technological, and cosmological ideas -- a society that can accurately be called a "breakaway civilization." This covert civilization has continued to interact with our own "official" society, but at the same time appears to have interactions or encounters with one or more of the non-human groups that are here on Planet Earth. The result is a clandestine cold war, very possibly with multiple human and non-human factions.
Why he says this? Simply because the self proclaimed UFO expert and ghost hunter, believes that the public is ignorant, uninformed and stupid, and that he can make a living selling his non-sense.  His tactic is to talk a lot about the CIA, Presidents, and show some old UFO pictures and nothing else.
Of course it’s easy to refer to documents, memos, and cover-up operations and black budgets without giving any reliable proof of what he says, but precisely because it’s easy, Richard Dolan, the show man, has a lot of competence inside a reduced, sub-cultural market.  
Now, his other problem is that he is not a good speaker. His rhetoric is confused, incoherent and cut by personal digressions, buzzwords and repetitions, but the show must go on...

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