Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014..! EXO-RECYCLING of the UFO-Paranormal mythology is needed.

Happy New Year friends, and see how the Exo-UFO-fantasists are working hard, inventing supernatural or extraterrestrial or mystic events for this year 2014.  
The nice thing is that everybody, believers, true believers, professionals of the UFO-paranormal industry and skeptics agree in one thing, the basic one: Nobody believes in these future events.
In 12 months, the same “informed “men will announce new events…for 2015, of course, and nobody will remember their failed announces. NOBODY.
We will invent a word here, and this expression will be EXO-RECYCLING.
The whole ufological and supernatural mythology can be reinvented only changing a couple of words and keeping…always keeping the name of Nikola Tesla and the word “quantum.” The urban legend can be recycled.
The anonymous sources are of course unlimited, however, I’m afraid that the imagination of the Exo-fantasists is not unlimited.
That’s why a couple of public figures are looking for something else…something truly new, but they don’t find anything minimally believable.
Insiders told me that some of the best known exologists and ghost hunters are into a severe crisis of cognitive dissonance and identity.

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