Sunday, January 19, 2014

UFO-fantasists: Much Ado about Nothing.

I want to say something about a style and a method of make-believe. The reason of these practices is the absence of events in ufological mythology.
Consider the production of UFO-ET related videos. The producers use loud music and SF movie presentation, kind of Star Trek production.
Everything is weird and very cosmic, but if you think that they will show you the interior of some extraterrestrial interstellar vehicle or an interview with alien creatures you are wrong.
After the sound and the giant imaginary spacecrafts, a guy just like you and me will talk about the well known conspiracy, the cover up, and similar imaginary elements related to the ET mythology. There is nothing else, and they know it.
However, we will learn something important: first that the professional sellers of the ET fiction have absolutely nothing important to say, and second that they truly believe that we are perfect ignorant and stupid individuals.
A bad circus needs a big band to attract clients; because once you pay your ticket you can’t ask your money back.

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